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Information Technology has not only changed the business playing field, but has also impacted professional practice.  Law practice and research has evolved rapidly in the last decade.  But this drastic change coupled with the continuing advancement of technology has left most law firms gasping for air in trying to keep up with the latest trends.  WDI is dedicated to bridging that gap, bringing the latest technology solutions to your law practice regardless of your size or expertise.

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Sales and Marketing Strategy

Amidu The Company has developed the basic format of the Web Depositions for instantaneous deposition testimony to the lawyer's home office or our web server to allow other lawyers to participate in the deposition at the same time. The product will be marketed to litigation attorneys. The primary goal of our business is to cut costs for attorney’s whose principals or agents cannot attend the deposition but are interested in evaluating and assisting the attorney that is conducting the deposition.

Company Information


Web Depo, Inc. is a start up company based In Los Angeles, CA.  WDI's mission is to provide the best technology solutions to law firms.  WDI has successfully patented their Web Deposition Application System. The software captures, encrypts, Audio, Video and Data information from a Legal Deposition hearing conducted in a location.


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